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Marijuana, hashish, cannabis oil.

The effects of cannabis depend on the dose of THC, not the type of cannabis. The hemp plant can be used to make various types of medicines. The following three types can be distinguished.  Marijuana. In common parlance, marijuana also means grass, hay, pot, kif, ganja, Mary Jane. Marijuana is made from hemp flowers and

The five greatest benefits of cannabis for Parkinson’s disease.

Self-medication with cannabis is becoming increasingly popular among Parkinson’s patients. In fact, scientific research started the spread of self-medication. The results are conflicting, but overall, many patients report relief of various symptoms after using medical cannabis. Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disease that affects the central nervous system, causing the destruction of dopamine-producing cells in

Does CBD Help With Insomnia?

Unfortunately, insomnia and sleep disturbances are not uncommon these days and are affecting more and more people. Stress, the drive to be successful, or sitting for hours in front of the TV or computer monitor can affect our sleep. Excessive consumption of alcohol, nicotine or coffee also affects our sleep. Failure to sleep well or

South Africa depends on cannabis.

South Africa is dependent on hemp. South Africa wants to become the global cannabis market leader. The prerequisites for this are favorable. Because the medicinal and industrial value of hemp plants has long been known here. Hemp miracle plant for medicine and industry. The reason for this is obvious, says André Botma, managing director of

How to get tested for cannabis drugs.

Of all the intoxicants in the world, THC is one of the most persistent. It remains detectable in the body for a long time. This can backfire on people who have to take prescribed drug tests or who live where traffic rules are common. Are you going to take a drug test? Then check out

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