Marijuana paper.

Hemp paper reduces forest felling by 42%
As you know, wood pulp is used for paper production. Today, 42% of all cut trees are used for paper production. And demand does not fall. On Earth, less and less virgin forests remain. The problem requires an early solution.
Few people know that paper can be made from hemp. In this case, it turns out to be of higher quality. Strong, durable, not yellow.

But for a wide range of uses, there are a number of obstacles. Wood paper is cheaper, and production is more technological.

Hemp gives more material and paper from it is more high grade. Hemp gives more material
One hectare of hemp can get about 6 tons of cellulose per year. This is much more than an annual gain of one hectare of forest.

The trees grow for decades, and the harvest of cannabis can be harvested only 120 days after planting.

For growing a forest, large plots of land are needed. The cannabis can grow almost anywhere. Advantages of Hemp Paper
Hemp paper has a number of advantages: does not require bleaching; does not yellow; stronger and more durable can be stored for centuries; resistant to wetting; repeatedly processed; less chemicals used in production.

The history of using hemp for paper production

Like many other technologies, the production of hemp paper came to us from Ancient China. The Chinese received the paper as follows:

  1.  a mixture of hemp (hemp), bark mulberry, old rags and fishing nets was prepared;
  2.  the mixture was brought to a boiling point and kept on the heat until it was converted into a homogeneous pulp;
  3.  for greater homogeneity, the pulp was triturated to the paste-like state;
  4.  the resulting mixture was filtered through a sieve from a cane remained a thin even layer of fibrous mass;
  5. received mass on smooth boards;
  6. the boards were placed one at a time, bundled, and placed a heavy load from the top; under the press, the fibrous mass became firm and firm;
  7. the received letters were removed from the boards and dried up the paper came out.

The resulting paper came out light, even, durable and elastic. It was very convenient to write on it.

The oldest hemp manuscript found in China, more than 1500 years old.

The first paper money, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence of the United States, the first printed Gutenberg Bible were printed on cannabis paper.

Many historical literary works have survived to our time only due to the durability and durability of hemp paper.


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