Cannabis news: Alaska soon legalizes the use of cannabis in public places

Alaska became the first state to formally legalize the use of legal cannabis in public places. Lieutenant Governor of the region, Kevin Meyer, has formally signed a bill according to which hemp products will be allowed to use hemp products in special, licensed establishments in Alaska. Prior to this, similar laws were passed only at the municipal level, in the cities of Denver, West Hollywood, Auckland and San Francisco.

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According to the new bill, from April 11 of this year, the state authorities will begin to issue licenses to organize cannabis smoking zones at public institutions. According to the rules described in the text of the project, zones for smoking cannabis can be organized only with licensed cannabis stores that meet certain standards. In particular, such smoking rooms must be fenced off from the sales area of ​​the establishment, and must also be equipped with an industrial ventilation system. In addition, smoking areas can be organized on the patio and courtyards at hemp shops. In general, it is expected that the first smoking areas will be ready to receive visitors by the beginning of July this year.

Despite the fact that Alaska has succeeded in achieving what none of the other legalized regions of the country has yet achieved, local activists, led by the head of the local branch of NORML, Erik Altieri, criticize many of the limitations of the bill, adopted as a compromise with reform skeptics.

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“Since the authorities decided to refuse to certify other types of businesses to open smoking areas, it cannot be ruled out that many consumers of medical and recreational cannabis will continue to use the plant in unauthorized places, risking to face administrative sanctions, up to eviction from social housing,” notes Mr. Altieri . “In other words, the new law rather slightly expands the freedoms of citizens using legal marijuana. Most of the consumers will not benefit from its adoption. ”

In any case, it turns out that in all 10 regions of the country, as well as the District of Columbia, where recreational cannabis was completely legalized, citizens still do not have access to specialized places intended for the free use of cannabis. Unfortunately, in the absence of such places and institutions, guests of legal states, as well as citizens living in social housing, as well as private houses, strictly prohibiting the use of cannabis in the premises, are forced to continue to use legally acquired cannabis in secret, in public places, like parks and lanes. At the moment, the media have already noted several high-profile cases of eviction of citizens from social housing, due to the fact that they used therapeutic hemp.

Despite all the limitations, it should be recognized that the new bill is an important, albeit insignificant step towards expanding the reform of smoking areas in other regions of the country.

Recall that by the beginning of the year, West Hollywood was the last city at the moment to legalize the use of different types of hemp products in the territory of specially certified institutions. In a short time, it is expected that such establishments will appear on the streets of Denver.

In any case, activists have already begun to make sketches of a new project aimed at legalizing hemp cafes and bars. “Certainly, today our state has entered the history of American legalization,” says Mark Springer, head of the regional office for the regulation of legal marijuana. “I am sure that the progress of hemp reform in our state will not stop at this achievement.”

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